Helium Rough Planner

AB uses the most advanced piece of scanning, analysis and diamond measurement technology – Helium Rough.

Helium Rough is used for scanning rough and polished diamonds, constructing an accurate 3D model of the diamonds to analyse and grade them. This equipment is known in the diamond industry as the most accurate advanced mapping and inclusion scanning and planning technology.

Advantages to our Clients

Any inclusions can be identified, no matter how small. The software generates an automatic plan for sawing the diamond, in the most precise and optimum way to maximise its value.

If the suggested plan includes the inclusion, the machine software will show our craftsmen where that inclusion will be reflected in the polished piece. The software will grade the finished stone based on the size of inclusion left, its orientation and its reflection and refraction inside the polished stone.

We use a specialised software utility that makes it possible for you to view the scan of the diamond and understand the critical decision-making. You will be able to view the provisional and final plan on the virtual stone on the scan and give your consent before further processes.

Precision is our passion