Reconditioning Dies

If you are seeking to reduce your internal maintenance expenses and still want your dies to be repaired in the best way, our Die Reconditioning Workshop will work skillfully with your used dies.

Upon receipt of your used dies, we check the size of the current diameter, wear pattern, rings or chips, and the surface. Our experts inspect and select the dies in such a way that reusable dies will be re-polished to the next higher/requested new diameter size with a minimal increase in microns, meaning that you can directly use the die for wire drawing.

If we notice any abnormal wear or premature breakage in the dies, thereby making reconditioning impossible, you will receive the dies back, untreated and free of charge, so you are able to cross-check the defects detected.

You will receive a detailed statement for every reconditioning service, naming each re-polished die based on the serial number and the new diameter size.

Precision is our passion