Knowledge Centre - Diamond Paste

The standard grain sizes of monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond
paste are 0-0.25 / 0-1 / 0-2 / 2-4 / 4-8 / 6-12 / 10-20 / 20-40 / 30-60
and 54-80, either produced in water-soluble or oil soluble formulation.

They are also available in different concentrations: standard, medium and high. For easy use our paste is available in syringes
in 5g, 10g and 20g sizes. Further grain sizes are available on request.

Our standard grain sizes are graduated accordingly, so that treatment
grooves or scratches can be easily removed by using the ‘2 step’ finer
grain paste.

The polycrystalline black diamond transformed by explosion procedure is
a very popular abrasive product used for the lapping and polishing of various
materials. But only goods of high quality justify the use of the pure
polycrystalline diamond powder, whereas large surfaces, or materials of a lesser
quality, need more economical application that can be fulfilled by using our polycrystalline diamond paste.

The diamond polishing of compression moulds for synthetic articles, for instance, is due to the complicated shapes and a long lasting and laborious work that can be reduced by using the polycrystalline diamond paste. For diamond polishing works, the black polycrystalline diamond is recommended. The polycrystalline diamond paste allows grain steps from 5:1 in successive working cycles. That means a direct step from 30 µm to 6 µm, for example.

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