Knowledge Centre - Diamond Suspension

Our diamond suspension is characterized by an accurate particle size
distribution of the diamond powder used, and a high standard of quality. Special attention is paid to an evenly spread and agglomerate-free particle distribution.

Because of the special viscosity, the diamonds will hang in
poise for about 24 hours. Due to the viscosity-density ratio, the diamonds will descend to the bottom when not being used for a longer time.

The manufacturing process of the suspension, along with the specific conditioning of the diamonds used, guarantee that no agglomeration will occur in or after the process of sedimentation. After shaking the suspension lightly it will be again ready for use, having evenly spread the diamonds contained inside. Our diamond suspension is available from 0-0.25 micron up to 50 micron, with other sizes available on request, and can be produced in either:

  • Water-soluble formulation (W)
  • Oil-soluble formulation (O)

and in the following viscosity:

  • Liquid
  • Light paste-like
  • Paste-like

With regard to viscosity and concentration, the suspension can also be produced as per your specifications.

Precision is our passion