PCD Dies

Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Dies (PCD dies)

We supply wire dies with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) blanks that can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications. Sizes are available for drawing applications ranging from ultra-fine wire to large drawn rod. This size range includes 0.040 to 35 mm (0.00157 to 1.378 inch), with other sizes available upon request.

Out PCD dies are manufactured with precision and quality in mind, as is the hallmark of AB Industrial Diamonds.

Polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) can be used for almost any type of wet or dry wire drawing application, and are available in three main groups: unsupported and supported metal filled, and thermally stable.

For each group, we have several PCD blanks available that match your wire surface finish needs, in diamond grain sizes ranging from 1 to 50 microns. All PCD blanks contain randomly oriented diamond particles, resulting in a perfectly round wear pattern for each die, ensuring that your wire remains round. Our PCD dies are:

  • Suitable for almost any type of wire drawing operation, from rod to fine-size
  • Used for wet and dry drawing applications
  • Predictable wire surface quality
  • Manufactured with randomly oriented diamond crystals, ensuring that the wire remains round; even with heavy wear

Common Applications

Common application areas include:

  • Copper, Aluminium, Tungsten and Molybdenum wire
  • Stainless and Coated steel wire
  • Special alloy and high performance alloy wire
  • Precious metal wire
  • Other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types

PCD Usage

Polycrystalline diamond can be used as a raw material for the following products:

  • Wire drawing dies
  • Shaped wire drawing dies
  • Split dies
  • Bunching/Stranding dies
  • Extrusion tools (both tips and dies)
  • Compacting dies
  • Reconditioning drawing dies
  • Guide dies
  • Burnishing dies

Precision is our passion