Our Factory

Diamond Cutting and Polishing Workshop

AB Industrial Diamonds was originally founded in Germany in 1996 to service our European customers. Six years ago we established our Head Office in Dubai, and in our state-of-the-art factory facility here, we polish and cut rough diamonds for a global client base. We are happy for our customers to interact directly with our workshop production team in order to provide the most transparent service possible.

Using the latest in diamond cutting laser equipment, our qualified Diamond Cutters and Certified Gemologist will work with you to ensure the highest standards of product quality and service.

Diamond Die Workshop

Our Master Craftsmen have perfected the art of reconditioning wire drawing dies over several years, producing perfect contours for a variety of applications. This means we can guarantee that our quality standards meet the precise specifications of our customers. Precision is our passion.

For further information, or to meet with one of our specialists, please contact us.

Precision is our passion