Tungsten Carbide Wire Dies (TCD)

We supply drawing dies with tungsten carbide blanks inside as a cost effective solution for a large variety of applications. Carbide dies are frequently and used in wire drawing bunching, stranding, guiding, and split die applications.

We provide our TC dies in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 0.127 - 76.2 mm (0.005 to 3.000 inch), or larger upon request.

Precision is our passion, and as such, you can expect our TC dies to be supplied in the highest quality and accuracy standards.

  • Even wear during usage
  • Blanks are thermally stable up to 2,870°C (5,198 °F)

Applications for Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten carbide dies are used for applications that require high heat and shock resistance or when short runs are needed. Due to the relative ease of machinability and cost efficiency, Tungsten Carbide is also the preferred material for most shaped wire drawing dies. Common applications include:

  • Steel and Stainless steel wire
  • Copper, Aluminium and Tungsten wire
  • Other ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire types

Contact us if you need a quote for any TC dies with standard or customised specifications.

Precision is our passion