Wire Drawing Dies

Depending on the type of wire drawing die, the natural diamond or PCD blank is perfectly selected, skillfully mounted and precisely drilled. The
die profile is cut on automatic ultrasonic machines. The dies are then accurately sized and the profile surface is highly polished in order to provide a smooth drawing, superb wire-surface finish and a long die life. We use a blend of traditional skills and the most advanced automatic
machines for a highly technical manufacturing process.

Our obsession with quality has resulted in a quality assurance programme
that ensures that the requested technical specifications (geometry, profile
and tolerance range) are being adhered to. Stringent quality controls are carried out at every stage; right from raw material to the finished product, to make sure that every AB-die is of the highest international standards.

Precision is our Passion - hence we only use flawless natural diamonds and perfect PCD blanks for the production of each die.

Our Master Craftsmen have perfected the art of die making over several years, producing perfect contours for a variety of applications. Over the past years, wire drawing dies, both Natural and PCD, have emerged as an essential part of our product range.

The final polishing of ultra-fine natural diamond dies, in minimum tolerance ranges and per our customers’ specifications, is conducted in our own state-of-the-art Die Workshop in Dubai, thereby guaranteeing that all quality standards are met.

Our Wire Drawing Dies are available as:
Natural Diamond Dies
PCD Dies
Tungsten Carbide Dies

Precision is our passion