Knowledge Centre – Diamond Powder

Natural Diamond Powder

For decades now, natural diamond powder has been playing a critical role in the market for super-abrasives, particularly for grinding, cutting, lapping and polishing.

Being the hardest material known to man, natural diamonds have quickly become the ideal abrasive product, creating the most effective, competitive and high precision products. Furthermore, the thermal properties and specific crystal structure of natural diamond grits greatly contribute to this.

Natural Diamond Powder - Micron

Our ‘AB Premium Quality’ Natural Micron Powder is produced to meet or exceed the sizing standards of the National Bureau of Standards and F.E.P.A.

Sizes available: 0-0.25 to 40-60 micron. Other grain sizes are available on request, as per customers’ specifications.

Natural Diamond Powder - Mesh

Sizes available: 12/14 U.S. Mesh to 400/500 U.S. Mesh. Other grain sizes are available on request, as per customers’ specifications.

Synthetic Diamond Powder

Diamond powder is used for abrasive wet and dry super-finishing and lapping of nonferrous metals, non-metallics and composite materials. Grain sizes and hardness are in compliance with US-Standards.

We source our synthetic diamond powder directly from the manufacturing plant, and because of our latest technology, we are able to produce different grades of diamonds to suit most applications.
 Our highly stringent process controls provide a consistently premium quality of products.

Synthetic Diamond Powder Monocrystalline - Metal Bond

This product is recommended for specific application when the rate of material removal is most important, e.g. hard ceramics, diamond, glass and stones. Good results of surface polishing are also achievable using the fine grain sizes of this kind of diamond powder.

Synthetic Diamond Powder Monocrystalline - Resin Bond

As the metal-bond type, this resin-bond diamond powder is available in various grades and sizes. Recommended for general application when surface finish and processing costs are most important, e.g. steel, non-ferrous materials, carbides and soft ceramics. These budget-priced diamonds are the most friable ones and will thus cause just a bare minimum of scratches

Synthetic Diamond Powder - Polycrystalline Structure

The synthetic polycrystalline diamonds are based on the discovery of a new technology that produces a short and powerful explosion, thus transforming graphite into diamond.

This process yields the polycrystalline diamond crystals, each consisting of thousands of micro-crystallites that are bonded together. This is in contrast to the natural diamond, which consists of only one crystal or fragments. The polycrystalline diamond is the only type of diamond that has self-sharpening properties.

The polycrystalline structure generates new sharp edges by
releasing an outer layer of dull micro-crystallites. The polycrystalline diamond laps and polishes materials faster than any other abrasive, while producing a mirror-polished and scratch-free surface.

When producing metallographic sections, for instance in a long lasting process, your working time can be reduced to 50% by using the polycrystalline diamond.

Precision is our passion